Work and storage safety manual

elastyczne materialy daiwa-rabin

DAIWA-RABIN products are exceptional flexible abrasives. We present work and storage safety manual.

  • Use tools / drives only at speeds less than the maximum permitted. The maximum permissible speed can be found on the product packaging.
  • Even when the products are used DAIWA-RABIN below the maximum speed, they can be bent or damaged by applying too much pressure.
  • Uneven wear, deformation or significant wear and tear can cause damage to the wheel shaft. In this case, stop using the product and replace it with a new one.
  • Start using the new product at low speed. If the behavior does not show: pulsation and other signs of damage, start normal operation.
  • When using the product, please take a safe position or orient the wheel to a secure position when starting the equipment or tools.
  • Grinding wheels are elastic / rubber, so try not to expose them to sudden loads / pressure.
  • Pay attention to the overheating of the product, because overheating reduces the strength of the rubber when the wheel has a large area of contact with the workpiece, as well as when it is used with a heavy load or is subjected to continuous operation. Remember to cool down the product and proceed carefully with long-term work.
  • Ultraviolet rays affect the quality of products. Do not expose the product to sunlight for long periods without cover.
  • Please be sure to wear protective goggles, a helmet, a mask to protect against dust and gloves when working with DAIWA-RABIN products.


  • Use only grinding machines and other devices / drives that are tested and approved for use.
  • Use guards and security measures used for grinding machines and devices / drives.
  • Adjust speed limiters for used products.
  • Fix the product and see if it is working properly on a reduced speed.
  • Pay attention to the possibility of sparks that can cause inflammation of the dust.

Adherence to the basic instructions for storage

  • Do not use / store any wheels if they are damaged in any way. Do not immerse them in water.
  • Keep tools in a low humidity for a long period of time.
  • Do not expose them directly to the sun.
  • After unpacking the original packaging, the storage wheel must be wrapped with vinyl foil.

If the product gets into the eyes, rinse abundantly with water and report the incident to your supervisor. Immediately call your doctor.

See on YouTube how DAIWA-RABIN products work.