Characteristics of DAIWA-RABIN products

Flexible materials for grinding and polishing by DAIWA-RABIN


elastyczne materialy daiwa-rabin

Japanese flexible materials for grinding and polishing DAIWA-RABIN are characteristic for their perfect quality. Feature of flexibility changed the way of thinking of most users. DAIWA-RABIN rubber / flexible grinding stones are not only suitable for polishing. Elasticity of rubber tracks allow smooth polishing, which solves the problem of surface roughness and preventing deep traces of polishing. The ability to perform two processes – grinding and polishing in one operation puts products DAIWA-RABIN among the most innovative materials of the last decade.

The work can be performed continuously without risk of clogging, even in the processing of aluminum. By adjusting the conditions of use and taking advantage of the flexibility of rubber, you can achieve unique quality, and reducing the burden of grindstone significantly prolongs its life. If the work is performed in accordance with the requirements of DAIWA-RABIN, you can expect unparalleled tool lifetime. By selecting the appropriate speed and taking advantage of flexibility of rubber, grinding stone can adapt to curved surfaces.  As a result the jolting and jerking of the work piece caused by impacts is effectively eliminated.

Firstly, this not only allows to better adapt to the workpiece and achieve a stable surface ground, but secondly, reduces the workload in the process of polishing. If conditions are appropriate, the generation of heat can be controlled. Therefore, users can avoid damage caused by heat, and stress decreases significantly. Moreover, it is possible to reduce the amount of dust generated, which considerably improves the quality of working environment. The amount of grinding fluid required is much smaller, making DAIWA-RABIN products an environment-friendly choice. A rich collection of rubber compositions suitable for various operations in industry. DAIWA-RABIN products were developed during many years of activity to find the right mix for every type of operation.

Our partner DAIWA-RABIN is open to all your questions. We encourage you to address any problems you encounter if you believe that DAIWA-RABIN products can solve them. Above all, our company will be pleased to consult you on your issue.