BESTWHET Grinding whetstones

A new brand on the global market

Drawing on many years of experience, CARPA Industry Support has started to supply its own whetstones under the BESTWHET brand.

BESTWHET whetstones are composed for mass use in specific conditions.

BESTWHET whetstones are being used in the production process of automotive aluminum rims.

User feedback collected by CARPA Industry Support confirms BESTWHET is a whetstone that combines precise contouring with moderate wear. The unique binding composition of the BESTWHET whetstone reduces the susceptibility to breakage. The BESTWHET whetstone also has special self-cleaning properties.

CARPA Industry Support recommends the use of BESTWHET whetstones in pneumatic filing machines.

All these parameters allow us to define BESTWHET whetstones as the best in their class.

BESTWHET allows you to reduce the environmental impact of your production.

If you have already decided to test the BESTWHET whetstones, please contact us at:

+48 71 794 74 70
+48 71 794 74 71