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We are a distributor of Japanese and American abrasives and polishing materials. Our long-term business partners are constantly developing their offer, which is also available from us.

elastyczne materialy daiwa-rabin

Flexible DAIWA-RABIN abrasives and polishes

DAIWA-RABIN mounted points enable materials to be machined at 50,000 rpm, grinding and polishing in one operation.

Abrasive and polishing materials from DAIWA-RABIN are used in many companies. They are ideal materials for removing and processing aluminum.

We are a long-term partner of the Japanese manufacturer, thanks to which we can consult your needs with specialists from Japan. Experts can even create an individual product.

We also recommend innovative, flexible materials for work on injection and compression molds.

Katalog DAIWA-RABIN Informacje o produktach DAIWA-RABIN
E-FORCE mikrosilniki

Japanese brushless micromotors | E-FORCE

E-FORCE stands for original Japanese reliability, ergonomics and economy. Each E-FORCE brushless micromotor has a precise speed control in the handle. This saves time and works precision. Built-in LEDs warn the device to lock when too much pressure is applied.
Brushless micromotors have an extra protection of the head against dirt, which extends the service life. Quick mounting of the head to the engine saves time. E-FORCE has many handle expansion options.
E-FORCE has a tool service in Poland. We provide a short repair and service time. Order a presentation of the original Japanese E-FORCE micromotor systems from CARPA Industry Support. Read more on our website or company blog.
Katalog E-Force

WISE Tools workshop tools from Japan

WISE Tools is a Japanese manufacturer of workshop tools. Hex wrenches, Allen keys and Torx wrenches are the tools in which WISE Tools excels in world quality rankings.

WISE Tools treat tools with chrome plating for excellent wear resistance and corrosion protection. Each key is marked with a clearly visible size. Only Japanese WISE Tools provide a real change in your work system.

CARPA Industry Support provides WISE Tools and is pleased to represent WISE Tools on the Polish market. Please see the catalogs attached below.

Katalog WISE Tools
logo narzedzia victor japan

VICTOR | Handheld cutting and clamping tools

The Japanese brand VICTOR specializes in hand-held cutting and clamping tools. It is an offer of universal and long (needle) steel pliers, forceps and cutters for cables and wires, hoses and pipes. We also recommend specialist pliers for stripping wire insulation.

The catalog of the VICTOR brand includes products of various classes, manufactured in Japan since 1944. The manufacturer uses a developed mixture of steel, which shows high hardness and ductility after heat treatment. We also recommend branded covers for storage and everyday use of tools.
Katalog VICTOR
BORIDE narzędzia pneumatyczne

BORIDE Engineered Abrasives for well-equipped maintenance and tooling departments

BORIDE offers polishing stones, general purpose, and special and industrial purpose stones. Polishing mounted points and discs are also available for sale. Additionally, the manufacturer recommends carbide burs.
American BORIDE whetstones are reliable materials that reduce costs and increase safety. BORIDE also offers diamond polishing pastes and many other diamond materials.
Katalog Boride Informacje o produktach boride
logo osawa and company japan

OSAWA & COMPANY stationary dust collectors and nozzles

Japanese manufacturer of industrial stand dust collectors. It also specializes in suction-blowing nozzles. The offer includes narrow and wide nozzles that supply compressed air and suck off the material. The devices are used for cleaning dusty openings and crevices as well as larger surfaces.

The OSAWA & COMPANY offer also includes cyclone dust collectors, necessary accessories for dust collectors and filters.

Katalog Osawa
hozan tool logo

Hozan Japanese pliers, cutters and specialist tweezers

Hozan hand tools have been produced in Osaka since 1946. Hozan’s offer includes: high-quality miter pliers, linear and clamping pliers. There are also miniature end cutters and cutters for wire and cable insulation.

The Japanese Hozan tools catalog includes bamboo tweezers and specialist steel tweezers. There are also tweezers with replaceable ceramic tips and reverse tweezers. We also recommend ready-made tool sets in specialized suitcases and cases.

Katalog Hozan
tsubosan japan logo

The widest selection of Japanese hand files

We offer Japanese TSUBOSAN files. Since 1928, TSUBOSAN has been producing mainly specialized steel files. We distribute professional files used in the maintenance of molds and surface finishing. From the TSUBOSAN offer, we recommend bent matrix files, needle files and two-handed files. We offer files typical for the equipment of production stations.

The manufacturer’s offer includes files also for the jewelry industry, for dental prosthetics and automotive production (refining dies and gears).

Katalog Tsubosan
urawa narzędzia elektryczne

URAWA electric precision tools

CARPA Industry Support is a direct importer of URAWA tools. The offer includes adjustable controllers, micromotors, ultrasonic holders, straight, angular, special and other heads.
Dual output drivers ensure a trouble-free and continuous two-engine operation system. Motors and heads are mounted on maintenance-free quick couplings. Changing tools in the holder is possible with one hand movement.
The quiet and vibration-free operation of the URAWA engines means greater comfort and safety of your work.
Katalog Urawa - Model G7 Katalog Urawa - Model UC550

Hex wrenches from EIGHT Tool

EIGHT Tool is the only manufacturer in Japan and one of only two manufacturers in the world that specializes in hex wrenches. The quality of EIGHT Tool products is determined by the perfect balance between hardness and elasticity.
The motto of EIGHT Tool is to meet the diverse needs of customers by creating, developing, manufacturing and improving products.
Katalog EIGHT Tool 69 Katalog EIGHT Tool 87

BELLSTONE | whetstones made in Korea

Bellstone whetstones are a special purpose brand. Recognized as one of the best for use in specific and demanding working conditions. Smoothness and evenness of the scratch guaranteed.

Korean Bellstone whetstones now available from CARPA Industry Support

Katalog Bellstone

Ceramic SuperStone Pro files

SuperStone Pro is the latest Japanese product made of ceramic fibers bonded with resin. SuperStone Pro ceramic files are more durable than standard grinding stones.
These whetstones keep their shape for a long time, do not clog, and this allows for uninterrupted work for a long time. They are also whetstones that have an unmatched ability to polish all kinds of metals in areas of particularly narrow gaps, ribs and holes.
SuperStone Pro can be used in Laptron ultrasonic drives with reciprocating motion, rotary motion, as well as with great success in manual work.
Katalog Superstone pro

Stones for polishing and maintenance of forms | SuperStone New

SuperStone New whetstones have better material cutting ability, increased heat resistance by 45% and longer life. The thermal parameters of SuperStone New whetstones are higher than those of conventional whetstones.
SuperStone New can be used in ultrasonic polishers, electric micro grinders, electric and pneumatic reciprocating profilers or in handles.
Particularly noteworthy is the SuperStone New with grain granulation # 80. This is a novelty on the Polish market in CARPA Industry Support.
Katalog New SuperStone

TSUCHIYA mounted points

These mounted points ensure perfect grinding precision. Tsuchiya abrasives are low-wear, which means a shorter machining process. These products are characterized by Japanese quality and ergonomics.

We already offer uncompromising, original Japanese Tsuchiya points.

Katalog Tsuchiya

Grinding, polishing and honing by AAA

The polishing process consists of three stages: grinding, polishing and honing / lapping.

CARPA Industry Support as a distributor of the Japanese company AAA provides materials for all three stages of the polishing process.

Although the process differs depending on the product being processed, the method of carrying out it is usually the same: the use of abrasives, the use of tools with polishing stones, taking into account the conditions and specificity of the material being processed.

Katalog AAA

Pneumatic tools from AK-TOOL

AK-TOOL presents new grinding, cutting and pneumatic tools for industry. The experience of the Japanese manufacturer allowed to introduce to the market pneumatic tools that are safe and efficient. The multi-stage assembly control system maintains the highest level of quality.

Additionally, for very demanding companies, AK-TOOL has introduced the Extra Heavy Duty product line. The Extra Heavy Duty product line consists of tools with increased strength and durability.

U-TOOLS narzędzia pneumatyczne

Pneumatic tools of the Japanese company U-TOOLS

As a result of combining methods of building perfect devices, you get U-TOOLS pneumatic tools, which enter the European market.
The U-TOOLS catalog contains all the pneumatic tools that make your daily work easier.
Katalog U-TOOL

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