Abrasives, polishing and tools for industry

CARPA Industry Support supplier of innovative abrasives and polishing tools for many branches of industry since 2004.

Our offer

CARPA Industry Support is the only representative of the Japanese manufacturer of flexible abrasives and polishing materials - DAIWA RABIN, dedicated to the treatment and disposal of aluminum.

CARPA Industry Support is a distributor of the Japanese manufacturer of ceramic SUPERSTONESUPERSTONE files.

CARPA Industry Support is a distributor of the Japanese company AAA, the manufacturer of grinding-polishing hones and wide range of materials used in processing and polishing materials.

CARPA Industry Support is also the only representative of a leading German company, which is a distributor of high quality products of the world's largest manufacturers of abrasives, polishing materials and tools for industry, including companies: BORIDE, BELLSTONE, GRANDE, MAXIMA, URAWA, PFERD, UHT, U-TOOL, BIAX, MANNESMAN-DEMAG, SUHNER, ATA, ARGOFILE and many others.
New products offered by CARPA Industry Support are for example: saws for cutting steel, aluminum, band saw blades for cutting materials like ceramics and cutting steel wires with a diameter of 0.18mm coated with synthetic diamond.

We invite you to help us with solving the problems of modern industry.

Our suggestions

Below is the list of products that meet requirements of any specialist.

Daiwa Rabin

Flexible DAIWA RABIN abrasives

DAIWA-RABIN are flexible Japanese abrasives. DAIWA RABIN HR quality bolts enable the processing of materials at a speed of 50,000 rpm honing and polishing at the same time. DAIWA RABIN grinding and polishing materials are being used in many companies that are already achieving measurable benefits due to their use.

DAIWA-RABIN are ideal for the removal and processing of aluminum.

We also recommend flexible materials to work with injection and discharge molds.


Pneumatic U-TOOL tools

Pneumatic U-TOOL tools are the result of experience gained over years of production and close cooperation with their users.

The results of combining these methods are excellent U-TOOL devices, which successfully entered the European market.

The available catalogue contains all pneumatic tools that facilitate your daily work.


Grinding, polishing and honing by AAA

Polishing process consists of three stages: grinding, polishing, honing (stoning, polishing and lapping).

Although the process varies depending on the treated product, the method to carry out is usually the same: use of abrasive materials, use of tools with polishing stones depending on the conditions and characteristics of the workpiece. CARPA Industry Support as the official distributor of Japanese AAA company provides you with materials for all three phases of the polishing process. We invite you to read the available catalogue.

Catalog AAA


Ceramic SUPERSTONE Pro files

SUPERSTONE Pro is the latest Japanese product made of ceramic fibers connected thermally with resin. SUPERSTONE Pro show higher durability than standard grinding stones, they are ready to use even in the most arduous conditions. SUPERSTONE Pro is a sturdy whetstone, with long lasting shape, which does not clog up, and allows for continuous operation over a long period of time. SUPERSTONE Pro is a whetstone that has an unparalleled ability to polish all types of metals in areas like particularly narrow slits, ribs and holes. SUPERSTONE Pro may be used in the ultrasonic Laptron drives and in manual labor.



The best tools for well-equipped maintenance departments and tool shops

BORIDE offers polishing whetstones, universal use whetstones and specialty industrial whetstones. American BORIDE whetstones are reliable materials that help you reduce costs and increase safety of work. BORIDE also offers diamond polishing pastes and many other materials that simplify the work process of every tool shop.

All of mentioned BORIDE products are available in CARPA Industry Support catalog.

Catalog BORIDE

Leaflet BORIDE


Professional, high quality tools for industrial use

FALCON provides Canadian products suited for industrial use. FALCON offers high quality whetstones, cutters, steel files and diamond files. FALCON products are both reliable and irreplaceable for mold makers, injection molders, foundries and maintenance departments.

All of mentioned FALCON products are available in CARPA Industry Support catalog.


Catalog FALCON

You can get additional information about the tools and abrasives by calling 71 794 74 70 or at info{at}carpa.pl

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