The most common use

The most common use of DAIWA RABIN materials due to the binding used in abrasive material

CM binding: standard steel polishing, deburring, disposing of edges and traces of processing
UN binding: chamfering and deburring after machining
OX binding: finishing roughly prepared surfaces

Aluminum alloys
CM binding: retouching the surface of castings, finishing, mold maintenance, removal of aluminum, deburring
UN binding: deburring
UN binding: deburring of harder workpieces

Stainless steel
CM binding: retouching of the deposited surfaces, edging, deburring
OX binding: finishing roughly prepared surfaces
UN binding: deburring

Iron castings, metal parts, molds
CM binding: deburring and grinding after machining
UN binding: in the case of higher workpiece hardness
UN binding: processing of precise shapes and deburring

Non-ferrous metals, including gold and copper
OX binding: delicate materials

Cobalt, nickel
CM binding: interoperable processes

Cutting tools for industry
CM binding: interoperable processes

Titanium alloys
UN binding: interoperable processes